62cm cotton lined vinyl Cleaning Gloves

( EG-YGP23807 )

Short Description:

The PVC Cotton Integrated Household Gloves are created using a process where polyester fleece fabric is sewn together and then coated with PVC material. The gloves are then subjected to high temperature baking. Through this process, the polyester fleece fabric and PVC materials are merged into a seamless, one-piece glove design.These gloves offer exceptional warmth and long-lasting durability. They are perfect for use during household cleaning tasks as well as for engaging in outdoor activities during chilly weather.

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1. 62cm PVC cotton integrated cleaning gloves are perfect for household chores.
2. The gloves feature a unique design with long sleeves that protect your arms from dirt, dust, and other unwanted elements. The gloves have an elastic cuff to prevent them from slipping off.
3. The gloves feature a matte palm print to prevent slippage and ensure a secure grip.
4. The cotton and fleece are combined together, forming a one-piece glove to keep your hands warm and comfortable.
5. These gloves are an excellent choice for all your cleaning needs, providing both style and function.



Whether you're cleaning your home, washing your car, or engaging in outdoor activities like fishing, our gloves provide the perfect level of protection and comfort.


Product Advantages

Their long sleeves prevent dust and dirt from getting onto your arms while you work.
The anti-slip palms ensure a secure grip, which makes them ideal for outdoor tasks.
The gloves are made of PVC and polyester fleece fabric, which are both durable and easy to maintain.
The cotton lining keeps your hands warm in colder weather.




Q1: Do the gloves have long sleeves?
A1: Yes, the gloves feature long sleeves that provide full arm coverage and protection.

Q2: Are the gloves easy to put on and take off?
A2: Yes, the gloves have an elastic cuff that fits snugly around your wrist, making them easy to put on and take off.

Q3: Do the gloves have an anti-slip palm design?
A3: Yes, the gloves feature a rough anti-slip palm design that improves grip and prevents items from slipping out of your hands.

Q4: Can I use these gloves to clean my house or do other household chores?
A4: Yes, these gloves are perfect for tackling dirty and messy household chores like cleaning bathrooms, washing dishes, or doing laundry.

Q5: Will these gloves protect my hands from harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions?
A5: While these gloves provide a layer of protection, it is still important to use caution and follow safety guidelines when handling harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions.

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